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Dental Exam

Smiling woman in dental chair looking up at dental assistantCheck-ups and exams are the main points of contact between our patients and our oral surgeons. Patients may book an appointment due to an oral complication or because they are due for a check-up. In either case, there will be some form of examination to ensure the oral cavity is in a healthy condition. Exams ensure that our patients’ oral cavities are healthy. My Dentist Friend uses exams for ensuring that a patient’s oral health is in good condition. Our professionals also perform exams before any procedure our team performs.

What Happens During an Exam?

Exams are used for many different reasons and differ slightly depending on their application. If our oral surgeons are examining a dental implant to ensure it has not had any abnormal side effects since placement, then our oral surgeon will be mainly focusing on the implant and checking for issues related to dental implants such as titanium poisoning. Normally, a patient will have an examination every time they have a checkup. Such an exam consists of a cleaning, followed by a visual examination. The cleaning prepares the patient’s mouth for the examination and also removes tartar and plaque which cannot be removed at home. This will be done with a high-powered electric toothbrush. The patient will also be given some fluoride treatment to protect their teeth until their next check-up. The examination itself will be a thorough assessment and examination of the oral cavity, which will be done with a mirror, light, and a tongue depressor. They will check the teeth, gums, tongue, roof of the mouth, the top of the throat, and the glands. They will ask the patient questions about the patient’s oral health and lifestyle choices, such as whether or not the patient drinks heavily or smokes.

After the Exam

Our oral surgeon may give the patient some advice on brushing and flossing if they see particular areas of the patient’s mouth that have been neglected. They may advise the use of interdental brushes to properly clean between the teeth. The exam may trigger some form of treatment, such as the need for braces, particularly if the patient is in early adolescence. Again, this is a natural part of development, and seeking out this treatment for teeth realignment is advised. The exam may reveal some underlying oral issue that needs to be resolved, in which case our oral surgeon will prescribe the necessary medication, or schedule an appointment for further treatment. They will give the patient all the necessary information the patient needs. Our oral surgeon will then tell the patient when it is best to come visit our office again. This is usually every six months, which is the standard time between appointments. Patients having frequent treatments, such as periodontal maintenance, will need to make appointments more often.

My Dentist Friend uses exams as an important way to gain initial information about a patient’s oral health. They are a vital part of our daily procedures. To book an appointment now, call our office at 856-484-4114.
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Check-ups and dental exams are important points of contact between patients and oral surgeons at My Dentist Friend. Call us today to schedule your dental exam!
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