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Dentures in a glass of water sitting on the palm of a hand at My Dentist Friend in Vineland, NJPatients often choose dentures as a way to replace teeth because they can be placed immediately after tooth extraction and don’t require any surgery. Dentures come in two different types: complete and partial. Complete dentures are complete rows of synthetic teeth either for the upper or lower jaw, whereas partial dentures are for when only certain teeth are missing from a dental arch. My Dentist Friend offers dentures in both complete and partial form. Our team can make custom-fit dentures that fit snugly in the mouth.

What Are the Different Types of Dentures?

Both complete and partial dentures can also be made as either immediate or conventional dentures, depending on when a patient wants them placed. Conventional dentures have the measurements for dentures done after tooth extraction, and the dentures are ready several weeks after the surgery. Many patients opt for immediate dentures, as it allows the patient to have the dentures placed right after tooth extraction. Both types of dentures have their own benefits and drawbacks. Immediate dentures have the benefit that patients receive their dentures after tooth extraction, and therefore they can immediately start learning how to eat and talk properly with their new dentures. However, conventional dentures fit better and require fewer adjustments over time.

Why Should I Have Dentures?

Patients often choose dentures over other types of restorative procedures because, after tooth extraction, they require no further surgery. This means they can be made for our patients in a shorter period of time. Also, there are some patients who would not be suitable candidates for surgical solutions. Dentures are also removable, meaning that the dentures can be easily cleaned. Dentures are also easily adjusted, so if there are any issues, they can be altered or replaced, as opposed to restorations that have been surgically placed in the mouth, which are more difficult to repair.

What Is the Procedure for Dentures?

The order of the procedure depends on whether the patient is having immediate or conventional dentures. Immediate dentures have two measurement appointments prior to the patient’s tooth extraction. These measurements ensure that the immediate dentures are ready to be placed on the day of the surgery. The patient will give the immediate dentures a test wearing after tooth extraction, and if there are no obvious issues, the patient will take them home. The patient will have to come back for adjustments to the dentures, as the healing of the gums may make wearing the immediate dentures uncomfortable.

Conventional dentures involve measuring after the tooth extraction, once the gum has healed. Temporary dentures can be given to bridge the gap between tooth extraction and when the custom-fit dentures are ready. Dentures are worn 24 hours a day for the first two weeks in order for the patient’s mouth to get used to them. My Dentist Friend offers partial and complete dentures in both immediate and conventional form. No one should have to suffer without teeth, and our professionals can help you restore your smile. Contact our office at 856-484-4114 to book your consultation appointment.
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My Dentist Friend offers dentures in both complete and partial forms. Our team can make custom-fit dentures that fit snugly in the mouth. Call today to schedule your appointment!
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