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Dental Bonding
Vineland, NJ

Dentist working with dental polymerization lamp in oral cavity at My Dentist Friend in Vineland, NJ 08360-8105When a patient comes to our office wanting minor touch-ups to the aesthetic appearance of their smile, our professionals may recommend bonding. Bonding is a form of cosmetic treatment that can be applied to teeth that look too small, have cracks or fractures, or have large stains. Bonding is made from resin, and its color can be made to be the same color as the other natural teeth. My Dentist Friend offers bonding to patients looking to improve their smile and boost their confidence.

Why Should I Have Bonding?

Bonding can be used for minor touch-ups of the enamel in order to improve the aesthetic quality of the oral cavity. Cracks, chips, fractures and stains can all be covered up using bonding, and bonding will hide the impact they have had on the enamel. Bonding can be a cheaper and less invasive procedure compared to having a crown placed, and bonding does not remove any of the natural tooth. Unlike veneers, bonding does not require the removal of any tooth’s surface enamel during application. Another reason for having bonding is to make a smaller tooth look larger. A patient might feel a lack of self-confidence due to a particularly worn or small tooth, and bonding can help it look bigger. This can also be used to fill the gaps between teeth and to make them appear closer together.

What Is Involved in Bonding?

Bonding is a simple procedure. The process begins with a consultation appointment in which the patient will talk to one of our oral surgeons and tell them what they would like to get out of the treatment. It is then the oral surgeon’s job to accommodate the patient’s needs, and explain to the patient how our team can make it possible. The patient will decide on how many teeth they would like to apply bonding to, and what color the resin will be. During the treatment, our oral surgeon will prepare bonding resin, which has come from our dental lab. The surface of the enamel will be slightly roughened, and a special liquid will be placed on to act as an adhesive. The resin will then be shaped and molded to the tooth. An ultraviolet light is placed over the oral cavity to set the bonding onto the enamel.

The entire appointment should take 30 to 60 minutes, though it can take longer depending on the extensiveness of the procedure. Patients should not drink any liquids liable to stain the teeth for the first 48 hours after the procedure. This includes coffee, tea and green juice. Limiting these drinks will prevent staining in the future. The resin itself should last 5 to 10 years, depending on how well the patient maintains their oral health. Lifestyle choices such as smoking can affect the longevity of bonding treatment.

My Dentist Friend offers bonding to patients looking to make small improvements to their smile. Our professionals can tailor the treatment towards your requirements. Book an appointment with us now at 856-484-4114 and start experiencing the benefits of a brighter smile.
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Dental Bonding Vineland NJ | My Dentist Friend - Dr. Hojin Kim
When a patient comes to our office wanting minor touch-ups to the aesthetic appearance of their smile, our professionals may recommend bonding.
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