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Tooth Extraction
Vineland, NJ

A doctor holding up an extracted tooth at My Dentist Friend in Vineland, NJTooth extractions are a common practice, as it is a routine procedure that takes place every day. It is important to remember that tooth extractions are very simple procedures, and the procedure is not necessarily indicative of poor oral health. In many cases, teeth are extracted to prevent oral health problems rather than to react to them. My Dentist Friend can accommodate your tooth removal, and will try to make it as easy and carefree as possible.

Why Do Teeth Need Extraction?

Sometimes, a tooth will need to be extracted for any of a number of reasons. One of the most common causes of tooth extraction is wisdom teeth pain. Because all of a patient’s teeth have fully developed and aligned themselves within the oral cavity, a wisdom tooth emerging can end up causing pain via rubbing against neighboring teeth, making them a desirable candidate for extraction.

Another reason for extraction is tooth decay. Often teeth that have been affected by decay can have parts of the natural tooth salvaged via root canal treatment, crowns or inlays. However, when none of the natural tooth can be saved, extraction is the best option to prevent the decay from spreading further within the oral cavity. When teenagers and adults have braces, our oral surgeons may advise a tooth extraction if the mouth is particularly crowded. In order to properly align the teeth, some teeth may need to be removed. This is perfectly normal and is often the first step to an alignment treatment.

What Happens During a Tooth Extraction?

Our oral surgeons will put the patient under local anesthesia by numbing the area in which the extraction will be taking place. There will be instances where our team opts to use general anesthesia instead of local anesthesia. An elevator is used to loosen the tooth in its socket, to make it easier for a pair of forceps to come in and pull it out. Sometimes, the tooth will be taken out in parts. The appointment can be as quick as 20 minutes.

The aftercare procedure has to be followed. The patient will be given instructions by one of our oral surgeons that will include when to take pain medication. The patient cannot drink or smoke for the first 24 hours after the surgery, nor rinse their mouth or brush the affected area. Depending on the anesthesia used, the patient will still be under the influence of the anesthesia, so the patient will need someone to take them home. There will be sensitivity and bleeding in the extraction area, so only soft foods should be eaten for the first 24 hours, such as ice cream and yogurt. The patient should be able to return to their normal routine within 48 hours, and all pain should have subsided within 10 days.

My Dentist Friend wants to make your teeth extractions as quick and effective as possible. You can talk about the procedure with one of our oral surgeons to understand it better. To book an appointment now, call our office at 856-484-4114.
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There are many reasons why you may need a tooth extraction. At My Dentist Friend, we want to make your extractions as quick and effective as possible. Call our office today!
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